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News from the North: Moustache Bombing!

Classic Copenhagen

During my stay in Copenhagen i met Sandra while „bombing“ moustache stickers on fashion posters. I really like her way of streetart – so I asked her for an interview. Read below for the story behind the moustaches and to learn some secrets about Copenhagen.

et voilà: Hi Sandra, may you introduce yourself to our readers?

Sandra: Yes, hello readers! I am Sandra Høj, your Copenhagen blogger. Big on the little things.

et voilà: So i saw you sticking little moustache on advertising posters in Copenhagen. Whats the idea behind this?

Sandra: The moustaches were meant to take the edge off the Copenhagen fashion week hype. They take themselves way to seriously, and there is just too much fear in that business. I wish the people in Danish fashion would relax and breathe, dressing up should be fun.

et voilà: Do you have more creative projects like these one?

Sandra: Oh, plenty. I have a big problem with the overwhelming amount of advertising in the public space. In Copenhagen it is everywhere, full body stickers on buses, vans and taxis, on scaffolding, they are even starting to use the ground we walk on for advertising. There is no looking away. Not only are the messages manipulative and toxic, they are turning us blind. We learn to not see, or unlearn seeing, really. And in an effort to not see advertising, we miss so many little and important details. It is not right. I think we have an obligation to reclaim the public space, and I am working on something at the moment, that I look forward to trying out. I am sure it will rub some advertisers the wrong way, but so be it.

et voilà: You’re the founder oft he nice blog called classiccopenhagen. Can you explain what’s the story about this blog?

Sandra: I started the blog back in November 2009, after seeing yet another misrepresentation in the international media about Copenhagen. Oprah had a fancy lunch at the Royal Copenhagen Café with a group of privileged women living in impossibly cool glass houses, “life in Denmark”. Yeah, right. And at the peak of the Mohammed Cartoon hysteria (please?), the 60 minutes show stopped by to paint a misleading picture of oblivious iceskating Danes living on a diet of pastry, milk and honey. Wow. It made me question everything I had ever seen on those shows. I had wanted to keep an online journal for a while, and that made the choice easy. It was to be about Copenhagen, the good, the bread and the ugly.

et voilà: Is there another place except copenhagen you can imagine to live?

Sandra: I am made for life in a big city, and I love both Paris and New York. But I am in love with Copenhagen, and the more I dig in, the more this feeling is reinforced.

et voilà: Do you have the ultimate hint for people come visiting Copenhagen? (Ok there are many on your blog, but maybe you have one specially for our readers?)

Sandra: I would definitely recommend stopping by Queen Louises Bridge around sunset (a litte before, to really get the feeling), bring beverages (coffee/beer/wine) and watch Copenhagen pass by on two wheels, along with everyone else on the bridge. Sometimes there are cargo bikes with soundsystems (I actually prefer when there is not, so you can talk), and it can turn into quite an event. And then when you leave, you can show the Copenhageners how to take your trash with you. That would be so cool.

(Test Tube: A guerilla project to keep the bridge clean)

et voilà: What can we expect in the future from you?

Sandra: Something to do with Copenhagen, for sure. I have a lot of things I want to live out, I want to do live footage, and collect soundbites, I want to do a book, and a lot of things that are still in the planning stages.

et voilà: What will you do in 20 years?

Sandra: I have no idea. Everything is possible.

et voilà: Thank you very much!

If you plan a trip to Copenhagen or just want to see some inspiring work you should definitely check Sandra’s Blog!
Contact info:
The blog: http://classiccopenhagen.blogspot.com/
The pictures: www.flickr.com/photos/classiccopenhagen/
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ClassicCph
Email: sandrahoj@gmail.com

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